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Bella's Journal

Friday, January 26, 2007

2:23AM - Beeen Years

Wow its been years. its 2007 and i created this account in 1999. Wow.

Life is been Good. Family has been brilliant, im finally allowed to go whatever my heart contents and me family know and love me :D only thing i really wanted. Now i want cash Lol >.< DArnit we should be precicate what we have. Which i do but im still i mad head and i iz a party animal now too and bit of a drinker *grins* hehehe. IF anyone rembas me holla back :D

Wednesday, May 5, 2004


Er tday i have a SPOT on me tongue.. errr >.< nasty i dunno how to get it away >.< im ukyfied

Current mood: sick

Sunday, May 2, 2004

2:17PM - oh blimey is been a long time.

hello, well dawg.. it been time since i updated this.
Now i live with me sister, its all good. i dont go college anymore unforunatly due to me lazyness and constant bunking.
Easter was Goood, man been with me man for 5months, aye.. good sex.. damn ^_^
and chocolate damn.. ive got SOoOO ChuBBY now.. every1 finks im a teddy bear n huggs me >.< embarsin
at da mo im listen to mario and pdiddy's track i dont wanna know.. its soo good its got da bakground tune of reffuges track. its SOOO GOOD

Monday, July 21, 2003

4:45PM - GOsh >.

bloody hell, maan. Life as been so crazy these few weeks.
1- ad a fight wiv all me family, as in cuzins and uncles to a point were we was runnin around nearly killin each ova wiv knifes, all because of me, which was not my fault :( but god asian families such, well mine does.
2- went to birgham one day wivout not tellin any1, me da fink bitch. Came bak home really late n was grounded 4 dat.
3- Got even more pissed off so sneezed out at 5 am in da mornin' catched da bus ta manchester bout half 6 ish, which took 1 hour and 15 mins, den took da train to brigham wiv me mates wiv NO money, God dat was a misson ^_^ whahaha. we didnt even need to hide.
We went into first class n chilled thier until sorthport n got kicked of da train. den we caught a train frm der to brigham.
we cruised all around brigham and got like 20 guys numbers each, but i aint a slag ^_^ wheheh.
We went dat nite on da tracks, where race drivin takes place. And jason dis really safe, cool black guy took us all around, and we ad a race wiv all dese ova cars wiv him in, as he is very known, hez a drug dealer, which is bad i fink. He deals weed but dats all and doesnt smoke himself. but he is da safest person i eva meet in me life. We ad a really wicked time n got bak home even more late.
GOD i was fuckd >.<
3- next day.. gets a slap of me mum, very usual coz if ova asian gals did dat dey wud get battered and never be allowed out again.
4- i get threathened to get kicked out, so i say wateva u fuckin dogs, n plan to run away instead to get dem i bad name.
5- i fink bout it, again and again and den i come to me sences to stay home, so like now im grounded >.<
but i still go out, whahaha ^_^ its called climbin out of da window.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

1:05PM - ^_^

damn, today is sunday n i wanted to go bradfors mela tday n yest :( not fair, i ad no1 to go to wiv.
n me flippin bloody aszzhole man, its workin 24/7
So be pissed >.< but oh yea
2nite gonna go watch 2 FASt n 2 furious in cinemas, wiv all me mates ^_^ whahah YESH
DA white dude in dat is soo HOTT!!
not betta den orlando blom of course :)
i got me hair dyed really black dis week, its soo smart ^_^ i look cool ^_^ wiv dead culry hair ^_^

Saturday, May 31, 2003

12:09PM - EeK

omg, i avnt updated dis 4 awhile, but i IVE GOT ALEVEL COLLEGE EXAMs SHITE, on MOnday, 3 hour on WEd 3 hours, n on Thurday 1 1/2 hour, n i dont know FUCK i aint even revised yet, so im startin now, n i dont know jAK!
and what ELSE, IT HAS BEEN REALLY GOOD HOT DAYS N IVE AD DA BEST SOCIAL LIFE NOW, AND IT DOES AV TA BE WEN I AV TA REVISE 4 EXAMS, OR WEN I AINT GOT NOWT, I AINT GOT NO bloody social life, im jus borred shitless. :( why does this alwaz happen. OH yea i forget, me dAte went WKD whehehe ^_^
oRITE i pulled a 23 yr old hot guy whoz betta luckin den me, WOoOo HOoOO whehehe ^_^

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

10:47PM - wat shall i wear

me dates on thrusday n i dnt av a clue wat to wear, i dnt wanna luk like a tramp. i need ta get da followin;
loreal glam gloss, lipgloss its sooo gud frm boots
n need some maxfactor foundation, tats really gud too.
oh yea n a brown lip liner.
im gna wear these new pants i got dey black, 3/4 length n got a ruffle effect at bottom but reaaly tight, show me sexy bum ^_^
n a pink n black NY vest top n me wkd bay jacket, coz he likes gals wearin casual kinda clothes.
errrr he finks thruth hurts women is sexy, ewww she ugly as fuk, she luk like a dog.
n he likes eve, but shez cool, so its ok

10:43PM - ^_^

I am SOooO excited!
I am goin on a date wuv my dis who i loooooovvvvvvve for ages n we were kidda checkin each ova out b4, but we brock um, n now we bak tagetha n he is sOoOOoOO nice. ive neva meet a guy like him b4. he aint like ova guys, hez bloody too gudlukin, betta lukin den me, and sooooo nice, he dnt like ova gals only Me! n he aint lukin jus 4 a shagg n hez 23... WOoOoO HOoOOO

Sunday, May 18, 2003

11:47PM - hehehe

me and dis guy av planned to go inta BRADFORD musuem and do it, hehe . in da dark room, ovsily we r gnna get caught. i told him tat n he started ta laugh n say its COol man.



11:10AM - How fit is this guy?? WELl....... FIT !!! me orli

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Saturday, May 17, 2003

3:48PM - judgment...

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2:33PM - Me

What Planet Are You From?

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2:00PM - im a twicle bell, lovely...

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Friday, May 16, 2003

10:26PM - hi'ya

hey, wud any1 know how get ur picture small enough to put inta a user icon pic?

Current mood: busy

Tuesday, May 6, 2003

5:40PM - hi'ya

Check out www.ukoneasia.com
hahah i know most peeps on tat, n da hacker I HATE HIM N HE HATES ME....n he has hacked into me account enough times, n terminated it b4, da bastard, also he is GAY

Monday, April 7, 2003

7:50PM - OMg

check da layout of my journal it is top, its got orlando bloom nacked, everywhere, yummy ^_^

Monday, March 31, 2003

6:13PM - BOoooOoored Shitless

OMG A levels r soo hard n shit, im bored shitless in da college libary doin work from 9-8pm every bloody day im bloody gonna kill meself, its soo hard. man if any1 is gonna go ta college dnt pick 2 science courses especially Chemistry is well hard.
enway i avnt updated this for ages, well...
howz life?
shit as usual im sooo dumb, i could of dated da sexest guy but i said naah coz we too good friends. n plus he is rich but tat dnt matta now.
I love Orlando Bloom thats all!!! WOoOO HooOOo damn hez fit. im gonna kidnap him 1day n he gonna be me sex slave ^_^ heheh yeaaa rite.

Current mood: thoughtful

Monday, February 24, 2003


need to learn how ta drive now, gonna go Bardford today wiv me me ^_^ whoz a totally chiller, and 23 come on !!!
he is SooOo Fine damn im proper lucky Yah :)

Thursday, January 9, 2003


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